Furniture & Bedding Delivery


By contracting with Empire Delivery, Inc. to handle your furniture and bedding deliveries, retailers are positioning themselves to concentrate on manufacturing, merchandising, and sales – without the “headaches” of managing delivery trucks and delivery teams.

There are countless variables that can prevent a successful delivery and a satisfied customer. Let the experienced management team from Empire Delivery, Inc. attack those variables and provide you with distinct advantages by outsourcing your home delivery operations:

  • Many fixed costs become variable, with the retailer only paying for the successfully rendered services. 
  • The Empire management team knows the furniture industry and is highly familiar with the delivery area. Currently, the Empire Delivery team delivers $300,000 of furniture and bedding to over 200 homes on a daily basis (seven days per week). 
  • As a third party provider, Empire Delivery, Inc. is motivated to limit damages to your product. Once Empire Delivery, Inc. loads the retailer’s merchandise on to the trucks, Empire Delivery, Inc. assumes liability for the merchandise until it is successfully delivered to the customer.
  • Empire Delivery does not get paid for delivery failure(s), and therefore, works that much harder to ensure your customers are 100% satisfied at the time of delivery.
  • State labor laws, unions, and hiring demographics can create problems for retailers who are not familiar with the area. As a result, Empire Delivery, Inc. can create a “fire wall” for retailers against any legal matters involving a home delivery operation.
  • All delivery personnel are subject to background checks before becoming a member of the Empire Delivery team. Once they are qualified, they must go through classroom and on-the-road training. The performance of the delivery teams is monitored on a regular basis, with sub-par performance being addressed by management, as necessary.
  • Late model delivery vehicles and full service maintenance programs ensure minimal break downs that would impact a successful delivery.
  • Inspection of merchandise prior to loading ensures repairs can be made prior to delivery at the customer’s home. All merchandise is individually blanket-wrapped and strapped into place on the truck. 
  • Deliveries are accomplished within specific “three hour time windows” so that customers do not have to wait at home all day.
  • Uniformed and professional delivery personnel ensure the retailer’s customers are 100% satisfied before leaving their homes.
  • All packing materials are taken away from the customer’s address. All returns are handled with care and processed within 24 hours.